Social Security Disability

If you are permanently and totally disabled, you may qualify for Social Security Disability.

This is intended to assure you a basic level of income and medical care.

Applying for Social Security Disability is frustrating. Approximately 2/3rds of initial claims are denied, and most people must go through multiple steps to appeal denials. The first level of appeal is to request Reconsideration. Very few denials are overturned at this level. The second level of appeal is to request a hearing with an Administrative Law Judge. This is where we can help. Having strong attorney support at this stage can make all the difference.

In order to qualify for Social Security Disability, you must have been disabled for at least one year or have a condition that will clearly be disabling for more than one year. In theory, State Disability could provide benefits for that first year after the onset of a disabling condition and you would experience a smooth transition to Social Security Disability with no lapse in income. In reality, because the vast majority of initial Social Security Disability claims are denied, most people will experience a gap of months or years between the exhaustion of State Disability benefits and the beginning of Social Security Disability benefits. This often results in dramatic financial hardship, which only makes living with a life-changing disability all the more difficult.

  • If your claim for Social Security Disability and your request for Reconsideration have both been denied, call us. We can help.
  • If we represent you, there is no cost to you for services. If we win your case, you should receive monthly benefits in addition to retro-pay back to the date that you became entitled to benefits. If we win your case, we are paid 25% of your retro-pay up to a $7,200 cap.

Improve Your Claim

In order to avoid a long gap between making your claim for Social Security Disability and receiving benefits, it is important that your initial claim is prepared carefully.

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Types Of S.S. Disability

In addition to the medical qualifications for Social Security Disability, there can also be financial aspects to qualification, depending on the type of Social Security Disability you are seeking.

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